Along with the progress of every industry, the real estate market is changing, and more people are avoiding agents altogether in their transactions. Alternative solutions are much easier to find with the world’s knowledge at your fingertips, and as with other industries, a new option has emerged for buyers and sellers. So read on as we explore three ways the real estate market is changing in Gainesville.


Speed isn’t typically something that comes to mind when considering hiring an agent to sell your home, and they can’t guarantee a sale or promise the closing date. Yet, technology allows for nearly instantaneous fulfillment of orders and has increased the demand for processing speedy transactions and changed the mindset of consumers. One of the ways the real estate market is changing in Gainesvillefor sellers is in how professional investors like those at [company] work with a full-service in-house team of industry specialists, including every pro needed to close your deal within days. For sellers, the professional investors at [company] offer guaranteed closings, and you can work with us to pick the best day for your move. For buyers, the professional investors at [company] have built vast connections within the local Gainesville real estate industry over the years, providing real estate investors with the scoop on great deals.


Another one of the ways the real estate market is changing in Gainesville is in the standard expenses of listing with an agent, which now must include high-quality digital photography, drone footage for virtual tours and the services of a professional stager, to name a few. 

On the other hand, professional investors like those at [company] won’t list your property, so there’s no need to spend money out-of-pocket when you sell directly, and you won’t pay any commissions or closing costs. Instead, the professional investors at [company] work with the most highly regarded skilled tradespeople in Gainesville to assess the property and provide realistic numbers for comparing available investment properties to earn the highest returns on your investment.


Another one of the ways the real estate market is changing in Gainesville is in the convenience offered through alternative options, such as a direct sale to a local professional investor like those at [company]. With a direct sale, you don’t even need to worry about making repairs; the professional investors at [company] buy homes as-is. You can skip the headaches of showings or keeping your home picture-perfect at all times. The professional investors at [company] will provide the information you need to decide if listing or selling directly is best for you. You’ll have a comparison of the amount you could earn from listing vs. the fair offer for a direct sale; sharing the details so you understand how we reached our number. A professional investor at [company] will tell you if a listing is better for you. The professional investors and the team at [company] believe in total transparency because we want you to feel good about working with us long after the closing, whether you’re buying or selling real estate in Gainesville.

The real estate market is changing in Gainesville, and the professional buyers at [company] are ready to help you navigate the ever-evolving real estate market while saving you time, energy, and money. The professional buyers and their team at [company] are your neighbors who live and work here in Gainesville and are proud of our work, improving our community, and helping people overcome hurdles. The professional investors at [company] make buying, selling, and even managing real estate holdings easy with our property management team. Call [company] at [phone].

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